2015 Raffle Winners!

A total of 65 raffle tickets were purchased between November 4-December 3, 2015 from a total of 19 participants. A total of $1,270 was raised out of our $10,000 year-end goal. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you missed the raffle but would like to support our ministries, click here to make a tax-deductible donation. 

Each valid entry was placed in the drawing and the winners were selected at the closure of our raffle using Random.org. Prizes were drawn for grand prize first and then the subsequent prizes thereafter. One prize was awarded per winning participant. All participants are winners due to the # of participants and # of originally advertised prizes. Congratulations!

The results of the raffle drawing are below.

iPad Mini 4 along with a $100 iTunes Gift Card, a year subscription to Covenant Eyes, and a whole women book bundle (over $600 value!)

• Erin Wadsworth (raffle entry #61)

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.13.37 AM

$50 Amazon Gift Card and a whole women book bundle

• Gretchen Russell (raffle entry #58)
• Karol Adams (raffle entry #42)
Denise Huber (raffle entry #16)
Jason Wert (raffle entry #25)
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.19.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.18.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.16.45 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 1.16.13 AM

$10 Amazon Gift Card and a whole women book bundle

• Alexis Nizer
• Amy Knoll
• Andrea Boykin
• Diane Dunkes
• Diane Feack
• Erica Berglund
• Hlena Pflumm
• Lauren Queensland
• Marilyn MacKinder
• Marvel Votaw
• Mary Paulson
• Olivia Franks
• Rebecca Mortensen
• Roxanna Tamayo

You must respond to the prize confirmation email you were sent this morning by Monday, December 7, 2015 at 11:59pm CST to claim your prize. If you won above, but did not receive an email, please contact Crystal. Unclaimed prizes may be made available for a redraw.

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