We Need Your Help to Spread Hope 


We have some specific ways you can support the work we do at Dirty Girls Ministries that will directly assist in spreading our message of hope to women struggling with pornography. Will you take a moment to learn more & perhaps lend your support? 

Exhibiting at Like-Minded Events

We have the opportunity to exhibit at two different events later this summer and fall. The first is presented by Exodus Cry called the Abolition Summit taking place in Kansas City August 11-13, 2016. This event equips leaders and individuals to fight the injustices of human trafficking. Exhibiting will cost $300 plus the cost of printing materials to hand out. The second event is the End Exploitation Summit presented by our good friends over at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. This event is an international meeting for leaders and concerned citizens working to end sexual exploitation. Ending pornography addiction is a huge part of doing that. Exhibiting will cost $585 plus the cost of travel (held in Houston Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2016) and the cost of printing materials to hand out & for use in swag bags. 

Expanding Our Staff 

Since 2009, we have functioned as a volunteer-based organization. However, as the founder and director of DGM, I have been receiving just $150 a month since 2012 as a stipend of sorts. I don’t generally write and ask for support for myself or my team because we try to pour what we do receive into our programs. But as we continue to grow and as our programs expand, I personally need the support and the funds to be able to support my staff. In addition to myself, donations toward the staff would support our long-time Director of Administration Jenny Miller as well as bring on a much needed part-time Administrative Assistant. 

Whole Women Weekend

Last year we held our annual Whole Women Weekend event in Forest Hill, MD. Between the live event and streaming it online, the conference was a tremendous success. This year, we are going to try something different by having our first ever porn-specific conference. We’re going to call it Whole Women Weekend: Porn Edition. It will be pre-recorded with various speakers speaking in an interview style. What will make our event truly unique this year is that we will be airing the conference entirely ONLINE and will be doing so on NEW YEARS DAY 2017. The goal is to encourage women (and even men) to start their the new year porn-free. Between speakers, promotion, production, and more, we estimate needing a budget of approximately $7,500.  

You Choose the Fund 

Our online giving platform allows you to designate where you would like your donation to go. You can choose to support our General Budget which will aid our exhibiting opportunities (travel, supplies, etc.), support Whole Women Weekend which will aid with speaker fees, promotion, and more, AND/OR you can choose to support our team individually and directly. You can even specify a custom fund.

Board Meeting 

I will be meeting with our Board of Directors on August 5, 2016. I would love to be able to share with them that God has used our members, friends, and supporters like yourself to fund our exhibiting efforts, upcoming conference, and even our staff. What we need the most are individuals to commit to giving monthly. The saying goes… many hands make light work. Well, with fundraising, many small donations come together to make a BIG impact. We invite you come alongside us with your prayers and your support as we continue this much needed work in Jesus’ name. 


Crystal Renaud
DGM Founder & Executive Director 


P.S. We are also accepting donated items for our upcoming ebay-style auction taking place in September. Learn more and add your contribution here

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