Live Webinar:
What Drives Women to Porn?

Join SheRecovery Founder Crystal Renaud Day for her new webinar training titled, “What Drives Women to Porn?” on Thursday, January 18, 2024 from 1:00-4:00pm CST.

This course is designed for counselors, coaches, college leaders, church leaders, and others to better understand what influences female porn use and how to help women in recovery. Women struggling with or in recovery from pornography are also welcome attend and learn.

In this course, you will:

  • gain insight into the prevalence of female porn use
  • review the latest data from Crystal’s research survey of women who use porn
  • discover what most commonly keeps women stuck in the addiction cycle
  • examine treatment dynamics for both coaching and counseling settings
  • uncover the power of community for women in recovery
  • have the opportunity to ask your own questions during a special Q&A portion
  • receive the recording along with presentation slides and certificate of a completion


  • Portions of this training will be shared from a faith-based perspective. You may earn up to three (3) Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for this course. However, our program has not yet been IACET accredited and may not be accepted by all programs.

Registration and Payment Details: 

  • For $25, attend the 3-hour webinar and receive the recording for future reference (including presentation slides and Q&A portion). Participants will also receive a certificate of completion from Living on Purpose, Inc. (SheRecovery parent org).

Register by January 5, 2024