So I watched “Magic Mike”

You remember all that hype surrounding the movie “Magic Mike” a while back?? Well, I watched it. And I have to say it was a complete waste of my time. At the time of the movie’s release several Christian leaders posted their thoughts on the movie and I was (and still am) in complete agreement… Continue reading So I watched “Magic Mike”

Breaking Free: Sundi Jo’s Story

Today we share Sundi Jo’s story. From her testimony she shouts the truth that the concept of failure is not of God, especially when it comes to addiction. There has been a lot of talk of failure on DGM’s community of late. And it is my opinion that this is a tool of Satan. He… Continue reading Breaking Free: Sundi Jo’s Story

Breaking Free: Marianne’s Story

Today Marianne courageously shares her story with us. As I was reviewing her story before posting I began to realize how much I relate to her in this season of my life. Sometimes things need to be broken down in order to be rebuilt and her story reflects that truth perfectly. The Word says “Every… Continue reading Breaking Free: Marianne’s Story

Breaking Free: AmyChristine’s Story

Today’s story is from AmyChristine. Her testimony has changed a bit since it was included in Crystal’s book, but the theme remains: HOPE. There is hope in the journey towards healing and wholeness. And while recovery may happen at a slow pace or may include a couple steps back before finally moving forward, there is… Continue reading Breaking Free: AmyChristine’s Story

Breaking Free: Blog Series on Confession

If you’ve read Crystal’s book Dirty Girls Come Clean you are familiar with the SCARS process. SCARS is a recovery process that Crystal created which stands for Surrender Confession Accountability Responsbility Sharing. This blog series is about Confession, which in my story was the most powerful part of the SCARS ┬árecovery process. Over the next… Continue reading Breaking Free: Blog Series on Confession