Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

People all around the world woke up yesterday morning to find brand new gadgets under the tree or in a stocking. But many of them also came with the potential of causing a lot more harm than an addiction to Candy Crush. For internet-ready devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and even gaming consoles like Xbox and Wii U, porn is only a few clicks away. Protect yourself and your kids with some of these recommended resources. You’ll be glad you did.

Covenant Eyes – Internet Filtering and Accountability (Try it Free for 30 Days)

The Covenant Eyes Accountability Service monitors every website you visit and rates those sites for objectionable content. An easy-to-read report is regularly e-mailed to Accountability Partners that you choose. This enables you to be transparent with trusted friends or mentors about the temptations you face and the choices you make online. These weekly reports help you build a new connection with your friend and allow you to have deep and intimate conversations in your walk toward purity. The Accountability Service is available for Windows®, Mac OS®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, and Android™.

X3Watch – Internet Accountability

X3watch is an accountability software program helping with online integrity. Whenever you browse the Internet and access a site, which may contain questionable material, the program will record the site name, time, and date the site was visited. A person of your choice (an accountability partner) will receive an email containing all possible questionable sites you may have visited within the month. This information is meant to encourage open and honest conversation between friends and help us all be more accountable. X3watch is available for for Windows®, Mac OS®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, and Android™. Free and premium services available.



Keep in mind that nearly every internet-ready device has parental settings that can be activated and customized. Check your manual for assistance.

By Crystal Renaud

Crystal Renaud is the Founder & Executive Director of WHOLE Women Ministries whose projects include Dirty Girls Ministries and WHOLE Women’s Conference. She is also the author of Dirty Girls Come Clean (Moody Publishers), a speaker and student who lives in the Kansas City area. Follow @crystalrenaud on Twitter and visit her website for info on coaching and speaking at

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