Your Story in “Dirty Girls” the Book

For my forthcoming book “Dirty Girls”, I’m collecting the stories of women who have experienced an addiction to pornography. Whether you’d still consider yourself addicted or have found victory from your struggle, I would like to read your story for possible inclusion in my book. God never wastes an experience. Perhaps this is your opportunity… Continue reading Your Story in “Dirty Girls” the Book

Cheapening God’s Grace

Last night I found a “goals” type of school paper I wrote when I was just 16 years old. Behind pretty words about my newfound faith and elaborate life goals hid a girl who was hopeless. A girl entangled by pornography and sexual addiction. I clearly remember when I wrote this paper. It was the… Continue reading Cheapening God’s Grace

We Want Your Story

I was one of 3 people to share our porn addiction stories at my church last weekend. Big thanks to¬†Wes Koetje for editing this piece to a format I can now use for Dirty Girls Ministries. We are looking for other stories to put on our website as encouragement to women to come out of… Continue reading We Want Your Story