1 in 6 Women Struggle With Pornography



Member Testimonials

  • I couldn't find Christian resources specifically for women. I also didn't know anyone else who struggled as much as I did, nor did I know anyone who had been where I am and achieved freedom. DGM was a game changer. Finding a community of Christian women who are like me, who truly understand and who have been able to have success has a big difference. I have been able to find encouragement, support, accountability, and biblical information through your ministry that I could not find anywhere else. Thank you!

    Anna Community Member
  • Safe. If there is one word to describe DGM that's what I'd use. I thought I was alone, and that I was the weird and the only girl who watched porn. DGM wiped that notion so quickly. I wasn't the only one struggling with this? I wasn't strange? I wasn't abnormal? I was relieved to know that I had people with a like-mind wanting to say no to this sin! DGM has been core in my recovery journey. It allowed me to completely expose who I was without the fear of rejection. I am constantly encouraged by the testimony of women who have broken free and sometimes when I felt all hope was lost—I could ask for prayer and know that I was being prayed for. DGM really is a blessing. And I thank God for it!

    Gloria Community Member

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