Between July 21-August 20, 2023, we received over 1,300 responses to our “What factors influence female porn use?” research survey. We have already compiled some of the major findings. They are available for you to download and share below. More findings will be compiled soon! 

To answer the question, “What factors influence female porn use?,” Crystal Renaud Day, a pioneer in the field of pornography addiction recovery and founder of SheRecovery, created a 10-part, 78-question research survey. In it, women answered questions on a range of topics from childhood to pornography use to mental health, and related issues. Pornography was defined as any content used for erotic purpose, including but not limited to adult websites, erotic literature, magazines, anime, and movies.

The purpose of this project was to show a greater number of women use pornography than previous statistics support. Additionally, this project explored the factors that influence women to use pornography to reveal the correlation between it and other pleasure-seeking behaviors to account for the growth among female consumers.


  • 1,321 anonymous female volunteers
  • Ages 18 to 65+ from 58 countries
  • Collected July 21-August 20, 2023
  • Used, consumed, and/or addicted to pornography in the past or present


  • Crystal Renaud Day, MAPC (creator and designer)
  • Jennifer Miller, MAPC (data assistant)

Download the Infographic


Renaud Day, C. (2023). What drives women to porn [Infographic]. SheRecovery.