1. I am with Freedom Begins Here,, which is a ministry designed to help the church to begin to address the issue of pornography in the lives of Christians. Not just for recovery groups, but also for the huge number of Christians in the pew every Sunday that are secretly struggling against this temptation and stronghold.

    We have found that this does affect so many more people than just the one struggling. It affects the spouse, the kids, and the entire family as time is taken from them to focus on fantasy people instead. It also affects friends, the community, and the church. So many we love are openly and adversely affected by such a “secret” activity.

    We, at Freedom Begins Here, love what is doing to shed the light on this epidemic. Only when it is brought from the secret darkness into the open light can it begin to lose its power!

    1. Crystal Renaud

      I am really excited about our partnership with Freedom Begins Here!

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