This Was a New Experience

Earlier this week I had the privilege of visiting Covenant Eyes in Owosso, MI. I was invited by FireTrigger to be featured in a documentary title, “Scratching the Surface.” This documentary will feature some of the leading minds on the issue of pornography… and me… discussing how to equip people on the battle of pornography… Continue reading This Was a New Experience

Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby’s 11th birthday. But more importantly, it is my bff Anne’s birthday. To celebrate, she is trying to raise $5000 for Blood:Water Mission through her Ride:Well Tour happening this summer. Go check it out.

Why I Got Ashed

As some of you know, I was born into a Catholic family. And while I was too young to participate in most of the traditions of this faith, I remember them feeling ritualistic and obligatory. Since becoming a Protestant Christian and in the last few years, I have thrown away anything to do with my… Continue reading Why I Got Ashed

“No, I am Single.”

It is so funny how almost every other day of the year I am perfectly content with my single status (because I know that it is temporary and the Lord hasn’t called me to a perpetual life of singleness), but when Valentine’s Day comes it is like I forget all of that. And let a… Continue reading “No, I am Single.”

Project 365: February 11, 2010

My Christmas Tree is still up. My life has been a bit of a whirlwind since New Year’s. And one of the things I have let fall by wayside is that blasted Christmas tree. But I hope to bring it down this weekend.