Pray… Give… Share…

I wanted to take this opportunity to post a few direct quotes from just a few ladies from our online community. Read below how women are truly finding help, hope and healing from pornography and sexual addiction through our ministry… and ultimately… through complete surrender to Christ. And here are some way you can support… Continue reading Pray… Give… Share…

Give & Take: June 11-15

I wasn’t going to share this here. I thought I would only post this on my personal facebook wall. You see, I was going to post something more typical of a fundraising post. Something more flashy and corporate. But the more I thought about it, this post shares my heart more than probably anything I’ve… Continue reading Give & Take: June 11-15

What I Wish I’d Known Before Watching Porn

The following story comes from our friend Lauren Dubinsky, founder of Good Women Project. If you’re a woman who has even just dabbled in pornography, please take a moment and read her story. – – Pornography is a charged subject, and it’s a word that rarely crosses the lips of most women. Yes, there are… Continue reading What I Wish I’d Known Before Watching Porn

My Response to the Naysayers

A little over a year ago, I agreed to be interviewed for a secular women’s magazine. The reporter presented the article to me in such a way that they were really interested in female pornography addiction and wanted to feature it. So initially it seemed like a good idea. Chalk it up to the inexperience… Continue reading My Response to the Naysayers

Laurie Comes Clean

This testimony comes from a woman currently enrolled in our Group Leader Training. One of the exercises in the curriculum is to write out your story. I am so excited that she’s allowed me to share her story here. May you be inspired, encouraged and moved by her words and her life. Blessings, Crystal Renaud… Continue reading Laurie Comes Clean