WHOLE Women Ministries — NEW WEBSITE!

It’s Official! WHOLE Women Ministries… “Daughter, your faith has made you WHOLE…” Mark 5:34 Healing. Restoring. Equipping. God is in the business of healing & restoring women and equipping them for their kingdom purpose. And that, through Him, is what WHOLE Women Ministries exists to do as well. Our projects so far include Dirty Girls Ministries… Continue reading WHOLE Women Ministries — NEW WEBSITE!

Why Your Donation Matters: When Porn Gets Personal

UPDATED: June 12 at 12:30pm CST Last weekend, one of our own here in the DGM community admitted that she had runaway to work in the adult film industry. It all seemed so sudden. So hasty. Many replied to her announcement. Encouraging her to make a better choice. Some even offering to come get her.… Continue reading Why Your Donation Matters: When Porn Gets Personal

Give & Take: June 11-15

I wasn’t going to share this here. I thought I would only post this on my personal facebook wall. You see, I was going to post something more typical of a fundraising post. Something more flashy and corporate. But the more I thought about it, this post shares my heart more than probably anything I’ve… Continue reading Give & Take: June 11-15


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Start 2012 off right with Covenant Eyes for FREE for 30 days for yourself, your family, or your organization. With so many inappropriate websites and Internet temptations, what we do online impacts our lives offline. Covenant Eyes provides Internet solutions (accountability & filtering) to protect your integrity online. These types of Internet solutions are not just… Continue reading TRY COVENANT EYES FREE FOR 30 DAYS

Willful Entrapment

Our friends over at FireTrigger are rereleasing their independent film Willful Entrapment as a new DVD experience. Willful Entrapment is a visually arresting short film that removes the veil from the the perception of “innocent fun” from pornography and depicts it as the door to psychotic addiction and destruction that it really is. They’ve taken… Continue reading Willful Entrapment