Sundays at 4:00pm Central US: 

Mondays at 4:00pm Central US: 

Tuesdays at 12:00pm Central US:

Tuesdays at 5:30pm Central US: (on hold)

  • Meeting Room Link
  • Meeting ID: 892 4691 9757
  • Password: R3cov3ry
  • Facilitated by Carter

Wednesdays at 7:00pm Central US: 

Thursdays at 7:00am Central US:

Thursdays at 8:00pm Central US

Saturdays at 10:00am Central US: 

Fridays at 12:00pm Central US:

Sunday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study at 6:00pm Central US:

Relay App is a recovery-based app for smart phone or tablet that allows you to share your daily emotional journey, track sobriety, set and keep goals, reach out when you’re struggling with a Red Flag alert, and more. Outside of our new SheRecovery Membership with Relay App, Relay is $11.99/mo. With SheRecovery Membership with Relay App, you have immediate access to our private Relay chat groups and at less than half the cost, plus the benefit of unlimited meetings. SheRecovery Membership with Relay features multiple chat groups including:

  • Main (for all members)
  • Accountability Partners (for seeking partners)
  • Singles (for single women)
  • Marrieds (for married women)
  • Prayer (for prayer and to pray for others).

In addition to the main group, the other groups make the chat environment smaller to build deeper connection between group meetings. Our Relay chat groups are also secure; requiring codes that are accessible from the Member Portal only. 

If you would like to try Relay App, you can check out the SheRecovery Main chat group on Relay App for One Week Free by completing this the quick form and we’ll email you the group code right away. To protect our member privacy, we do not display the code publicly. After 1 week, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to Relay to remain in the Main group chat. If you do not, you will be removed from the Main group when your free trial expires. No risk!

Alternatively, since you’re already a SheRecovery Member, you can upgrade your membership in your Member Menu and get immediate access to all of SheRecovery’s Relay chat groups today!