For Single Women Recovery Intensive Group

Recovery and sexual sobriety as a single woman is no easy task—especially alone. Easy access to porn, implications of purity culture, and delayed marrying age have led to an increase in porn, sex, and love addiction. And yet, God created all of us to be more than physical—to be emotional and spiritual too. In this recovery intensive, single women will navigate these three areas in order to find balance, grace, and healing.

Join this 12-week group for single women starting Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 7:00pm CDT. Facilitated by Crystal Renaud Day.  

The 12-Week Intensive Includes:

  • 12 weeks of 75-minute Zoom group meetings facilitated by Crystal
  • (2) two, 30-minute one-on-one phone sessions with Crystal
  • 90 Days to Wholeness (paperback, $19 value)
  • Dating Done Right (paperback, $12 value)
  • (3) three months of SheRecovery Membership ($90 value, if already enrolled, fees are waived!)
  • Covenant Eyes accountability for 90 days ($48 value, reports received by Crystal)
  • Private group chat with Crystal and group members
    • Due to shipping costs for the workbooks, clients outside the US will receive Kindle or PDF copies

Application and Payment Details

The total for this coaching intensive is $990 with payment plans available.

Payment plans include a weekly payment plan of $80 per week for 11 weeks ($110 due at enrollment) OR a monthly payment plan of $330 for 3 months (first month due at enrollment). The fee covers all the aforementioned.

First payment in any plan is due at time of application submission below. If pay in full is selected, the total of $990 will be charged upon submission. Refunds are not provided unless extenuating circumstances apply.

Enroll by September 22, 2023