take time to laugh…

i will be away for a couple days for work purposes… so in the mean
time take a gander at this little video from the mid-90s and try not to
laugh your butt off. also, to keep the comment train a’ rollin’ –
answer me this one question:

what were you like 10 years ago and in what way are you shocked by who you are now?


  1. My dear…you have out-done yourself! Thank you! So ten years ago I was graduating high school. Scary huh? Did I spell graduating wrong? Anywho…I knew that I would be in Gods service…I just didn’t know that it would be in missions…Has it been ten years?

  2. 10 years ago… I was a Junior in high school massively obsessed with a certain baseball player who shall remain nameless… And seriously I am shocked by who I am today… I nevr thought I’d be this cool… Or have such amazing friends! I love you, have fun at Windemere!

  3. 10 years ago I trnd 21 and started drinjking and i havnt’ been the sam synce. Oh wait. That’s not me. Um… Shocked? Maybe that I have 5 degrees, I’m not married and not raising little children. This is not what I imagined. It’s better.

  4. Los

    1996? Hmmm. Single. Playin’ da Game. 40 lbs lighter.
    40 lbs stupider. On a one way road to hell going alot faster than 40 miles an hour.
    2006? Married. 2 Kids. Fatter. Wiser. Happier. Still Tryin to Be 40 lb’s lighter.

  5. 10 years ago…I just turned 16 and that was the birthday that would forever traumatize me…my friends sent me a singing gorilla telegram during lunch and everyone was staring and laughing! He sang “I’m too sexy” and peeled a banana in a seductive manner. HA! I never thought I’d be living in North Carolina with two dogs and such a wonderful, supportive husband. I also didn’t know I’d have Jesus, so yay God! Thank you God for the last 10 years which has been nothing less than an awesome adventure!!
    Thanks for the laugh, I love that baby.

  6. Julie

    10 years ago… I was 17 and getting ready to graduate high school. That seems so long ago. I guess I am suprised at who I am now. I figured I would be teaching music, that is what my BS is in. Here I am now just finished with a Master’s in Sports Admin. Craziness

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