ode to my long hair

this post may seem a little vain and self-involved, but this is my blog and i will write what i want! :)




two years ago TODAY i cut off 10 inches of my hair and the result has been transforming me ever since. i didn’t cut it because of some noble reason like donation (although i was able to that and that was cool), but because i was in desperate of emerging from my shell and finally "being me". i was in search of this woman i knew was inside me but little did i know that by cutting my hair i would find her.

sure i still miss waking up late and being able to just throw it in a
ponytail – but as a result of cutting my hair a new creation was born within me. before cutting my hair, i was shy and frumpy. nerdy even. for some reason, my new hair completely transformed my personality, my heart and ultimately my life.

it changed – how i was looked at and treated, how i carried myself, how i spoke to people and even how i made decisions.

i feel like cutting my hair allowed me to become a woman. a woman… of a Godly character. a woman…
who is unabashed. a woman… is who isn’t afraid to be strong but even admit when i am weak.

just me. the real me. a genuine child of God. creative. funny. but with a hint of a sassy side. and it all started because of a $20 haircut.





  1. Yeah, but it was worth way more then $20. I love you and love who you were before and who God has developed you into now. You are amazing!

  2. I want to know where you got a $20 hair cut! And I completely understand where you’re coming from…

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