Thank You Westside

This past weekend was the opening of our new campus in Lenexa, KS and what an amazing weekend it was. In fact it turned into quite a surreal experience for me. Some of you know this but I was
just a 15 year old, “non-practicing” Catholic girl when I first stepped foot
into Westside 7 years ago. At that time there were 500 people attending the church.


that first day, I had no desire to go to church ever again and didn’t have a relationship with Christ. But through the Student Ministry investing in me and showing what it was to accept Christ – I have found my home for last 7 years… and God willing for years to come.  Westside is now a church of 4500 and growing…  and I am even on staff.


I can’t believe how incredibly awesome
God is and how perfect His timing is. What a wild and crazy privilege to be a part of this amazing ride.

I know there are tons of “Westside
Stories” and mine is just one of many in the lives of the people at Westside. What an honor it is to receive God’s gift of this new, beautiful building. Of course, it is not about the new building for I know it is
merely a tool God will use through His people who are willing. So – let
us be faithful with it, friends.

I am probably most excited to be part of the ministry that is to come in the next
chapters ahead. The love and appreciation for this church and my church family that I feel is like
nothing I ever had when I was younger.

To my fellow Westsiders: thank you for being my friends and

* photo: 1) digitally enhanced image of our new facility… 2) first service in the new student center *


  1. I remember when we moved into our new facility. There was much weeping. Sounds like our churches have similiar stories…

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