Technically it is Still Sunday.

as i begin writing this post it is still technically Sunday, so you can’t say i didn’t update today. much has happened since my real post last week.

my mom got the job she was interviewing for as i was sitting in Starbucks. yea, God! thank you for your prayers for her. she starts a week from Monday. she went to visit our family in Texas this past week… they are still the same old, half crazy family we love. please pray for my grandpa… he is back in the hospital.

and thank you for your words of encouragement about my being fabulous… seriously… so often i just feel quite mediocre and not-so-fabulous. thank you dear friends for your loveliness towards me… even when i don’t deserve it. in my post i wasn’t saying i wasn’t fabulous… just more of a statement of, i can’t be that kind of fabulous, but i don’t really want to be either.

saturday was the 10-year anniversary of my move to kansas.
that is unreal. i’ve now lived in kansas longer than anywhere else. i’ve lived in iowa (5 years) and minnesota for (6 years). for a very long time i never wanted to consider kansas my home since i loved minnesota so much… but kansas is where i was saved… is where my church family is… is where my nephews were born… is where my dearest friendships were made… and i have to admit that kansas is my home now. (pics are from my last visit to MN)

ashley-jess-and-crystal.jpg crystal-and-her-teeter-totter.jpg

my friend’s dad who was running for the kansas governor ticket as a republican, came in second in the primary last tuesday, but we all still feel like God had him run for some purpose that we will hopefully soon discover.

scott & cassie (co-worker & friend) finally had their baby boy on Saturday. please welcome Cooper Wesley Wilson. 8lbs 3oz, 20 inches long. praise God for His beautiful new creation.


i passed parallel parking on friday… i have one more session. after that, i pass and will once again be a licensed driver. weird… scary… exciting.

i win the prize for most random content in a single post.

anyway, i am going to finish watching RENT and go to bed. please pray for my work week ahead. my intern friends are finished for the summer so i fear i may be a bit lonely.

insert shameless plug here or actually below…

i have a goal of buying AND driving a car by mid-september, but i am going to have to save my money better and try and earn a bit more on the side. if you know of anyone who might be interested in some freelance design work please direct them my way via my freelance website (, email me or just send them here. pray a used volkswagen beetle (with warranty) comes my way. i really want one.
there’s my post :)


  1. Happiness

    I know what it’s like to be an intern, to be shamelessly ordered around by the full-time staff…were you sad when my internship was over?

  2. I miss you. :( I miss hearing your heart. I miss hugging you. I miss talking design with you. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. :'(

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