1. Jennifer

    I am currently perseverating on “Hollywood’s not America” by Ferras, “Whatever it Takes” by Lifehouse, I also am really into Matt Nathanson….

  2. I hear ya! I get bored of my ipod quickly…i need some new tunes too! lol. Do you like talk radio? Check out Car Talk on NPR, you can subscribe free on iTunes. It’s usually in the top 10 of podcasts to listen to. It’s all about cars, but it’s HILARIOUS! I’m not a car person, but the 2 guys who do the show are so funny. I’m into Dave Barnes lately, some Dave Matthews, and Carrie Underwood.

  3. Agree with Brooke–I download those guys every weekend and make it a point to listen to them. Other than that, unless you like to listen to Old Guys’ Music, you probably wouldn’t be interested much in what I listen to. Lotsa U2, Police, etc…

  4. Girl, get yourself some India Arie. Ah, that’s right. You are much cooler than me and have probably worn out her album.

  5. Here’s some artists from my huge pile of random tunage
    Daft Punk
    Peter Cetera
    Paul Oakenfold
    Lisa Loeb
    Sinead O’Connor
    Depeche Mode

    I’ve got about 40 gigs with me, just crazy. The list just goes on and on. Let me know if you want some more ideas.

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