1. i have fond memories of the word “birdie.”

    a bunch of us college kids came back from a conference and hung out right afterwards for games, movies and junk food. mind you, we had been giddy from the lack of sleep and oh so much fun at the conference already. anywho, lots of silliness and laughter… and all at once, the 15 or so of us kinda “aaahhhh”-ed and it got really quiet. then, one dude said the one word that would tip us off into uncontrollable laughter — “birdie.”

    it was the stupidest thing, but it was hilarity at its finest!

  2. Balogna.

    What I was younger and caught in a lie my mom would always say, “Oh balogna!” really loud and annoyed. It was and is still so funny!!

  3. jennifer

    Tinkle , some old ladies sometimes say i need to tinkle when they have to use the restroom. too weird.

  4. The word “twitter” makes me laugh. I have a hard time saying it in public without feeling kind of stupid and dirty.

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