Real Hope for Haiti: How to Give

since our video yesterday, people have been asking how to give to the Real Hope For Haiti Campaign.

all donations through paypal or to their ministry address are tax deductible. Real Hope For Haiti is a non-profit organization, which allows your gifts to be tax deductible. any contributors will receive a statement at the end of the year detailing gifts given.

also, 100% of the money given via our blogs goes directly to their paypal account (minus a tiny fee that paypal charges). we are not handling any of the money. the donation button deposits directly into Real Hope For Haiti’s ministry account for immediate use.

you can donate now

and/or spread the word using this code:

click here for more information.


  1. Brilliant cause.

    I was in Haiti about a month and a half ago when the rioting and looting was at its height. We were meant to spend a week there but had to get out after just 48 hours.

    The situation in Haiti is desperate.

    Our family has just sponsored a young boy in Haiti through Compassion.

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