Name My New Betta

With great pleasure, I introduce you to my new Betta fish. I was out this afternoon with my friend Julie. We were out buying $1 Flip-Flops at Old Navy (they didn’t have my size), but upon leaving I saw PetSmart. For quite some time now I’ve wanted a fish. But I didn’t want the hassle of much maintenance. A co-worker of mine has had a Betta in her office for quite some time. It just kinda hangs out… no filter, with minimal upkeep. Plus, they are beautiful!

So, today, fairly spur of the moment (but after thinking about it for a while), I bought this little guy. I just made the transfer from pet store bowl to his new home bowl, and so far so good. He’s gonna hang out in my bathroom where he’ll match my other Asian decor.

However, he needs a name.
Have any ideas?


  1. what color is it? looks reddish-pinkish-orangy…

    my first thought – in keeping with your asian theme – was “pinky-san”

  2. that is AWESOME!!!! Ok, so my new neighbor has this tiny dog and his name is “Lenny”…and i told my roommate that if i ever got a little dog, i was going to name it that. But you can have the name for your fish too. :) So i propose..LENNY.

    (But knowing me ill thinking of a cooler name than that for a cool ill keep you posted. haha)

  3. We have had numerous betta fish over the years. Here are some of the names we’ve used:
    Mr. Fishy-Fish
    Gilbert (nickname of Gil)

    Don’t know if that helps at all. LOL!

  4. Leah

    How about Jing which means crystal, sparkling; essence; capital; pure in Chinese.

    Have fun!

  5. carley

    laura and kristi and i came up with…

    POISSON (fish in french)

  6. Ah, I love Bettas – they are the perfect pet. As for a name, that’s always tough for me… especially without meeting him personally. You could name him after someone you admire.

  7. Julie

    He looks great now that he is in his bowl! I think the little colored rocks look much better that the clear stones.

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