Where’s My Blogroll…?

I deleted my blogroll? GASP!!

Yes, but not permanently. I have removed my blogroll in order to clean it up. I want to know that those who are on it are either still active bloggers, or are still around here from time to time and if linking me, are linked back to. I had some OLD stuff on there… years of blogging will do that, I guess.

So, if you wanna be on my new and improved blogroll — leave a comment below containing your blog address and under what name you’d like to be linked. Mutual linkage is always nice.

I also want to create a separate blogroll specifically for your suggestions of “world changers.” (ie. Compassion, adoption stories, mission trips, innovative churches, etc.). Who or what are you seeing out in this huge internet world that is making a difference? I wanna link to them too.

Let the good links roll…

Fighting AIDS in the Transkei


  1. Hi Crystal,

    I would love it if you’d like to link to me.

    I just added you to my blogroll!

  2. kim

    still reading… still linking… still twittering. still not commenting very often, which is a reflection of my time, not a reflection of the quality of what you write here. :)

    and thanks for your prayers this week.

    Kim Bontrager

  3. I’m here, and I’m still a linker.

    Since you are creating your own “world changer” categories might I humbly suggest a category called “Fish Namers”? I think I would fit most appropriately into that one. kthnxbye.

  4. You can add Unobjective Intelligence (willyoungband.com) to your roll.

    PHG.net has been on mine for quite some time now.

    Have a good weekend friend.

    — Will

  5. I read your blog, but that doesn’t mean you have to link me. I only link those I actually read.

    I linked over from Kristi Applesauce…she’s my new BFF.

  6. I like linkage! I am adding you. Great stuff!!

    Thanks for your honesty. It’s encouraging and inspiring.

    Rock on.

    andy ::

    Controlled Chaos – andydenen.wordpress.com

  7. I’d like to partake in some link love…

    I’m one of those silent stalker that’s been reading your blog.

    Imma return the link love favor.


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