The Chicago Omen

I am currently on the third trip to Chicago of my life-time.

Once when I was 19 years old with Klint, Chad, Dave L., and Andrea when we attended the Willow Creek Youth Workers Conference. Once when I was 21 with Becky and Anne when we went to a workshop at Granger, but flew through Chicago and spent the day there. And now at age 23 with Kathi and Melissa at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

Why is the title of my post The Chicago Omen?

Well, if you look again at the 2 previous trips to the one I am on now, only ONE of the people I was with then, am I still in local, active ministry with now.

No, I don’t truly believe that because we’re in Chicago this week, that automatically means that one or all of us will be leaving soon — it is just weird to look back and see the funky pattern.


  1. klints just a beast like that.

    that is a crazy pattern though.. lets break it this time. i’d like you, kathy, and melissa to hang around. :]

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