Halloween Helps!

Happy Halloween!!

I just wanted to share with you the following email I received today from Hungry Girl. Hope it helps you make today an easier day for all of you who are watching your waistlines.

Three Quick Tips!

1. DO NOT stock up on your favorite candies. Too late to take that advice? Here’s what to do. After the last wave of trick-or-treaters has come through, PUT THE CANDY AWAY! “Out of sight, out of mind” is a cliché, but it’s true. If the candy still haunts you from the cabinet, bring the extras to work Monday morning. Set it out in a bowl and it’ll be gone before lunchtime. Disaster averted.

2. Just because the candy bars are little doesn’t mean you can have ten of them. Those “fun size” bars generally have 70 – 100 calories and 3 – 6g fat each (POINTS® value 2 – 3*), so watch out! The bite-sized “minis” often have about 30 – 50 calories and 2 – 3g fat each (POINTS® value 1*). Set a portion-controlled stash aside, and don’t keep going back for more. Or be strong and just skip ’em altogether.

3. The best way to avoid the lure of holiday sweets? Eat other things. For the love of Elvira, DON’T skip dinner so that you can go nuts on the candy! Eight Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures do not equal a meal. Eat normally all day long, have a small treat after dinner, and don’t turn that plastic jack-o’-lantern bucket into your personal feed-bag!
About as Scary as Casper

A few stats on our favorite friendly candies!

Tootsie Roll Midgee
1 Midgee = 23 calories, 0.5g fat (POINTS® value 1*)

Milky Way
1 Fun Size = 75 calories, 3g fat (POINTS® value 2*)
1 Mini = 38 calories, 1.4g fat (POINTS® value 1*)

Three Musketeers
1 Fun Size = 63 calories, 2g fat (POINTS® value 1*)
1 Mini = 24 calories, 0.7g fat (POINTS® value 1*)

Individually Wrapped Twizzlers
1 twist = 40 calories, 0.25g fat (POINTS® value 1*)

1 roll = 25 calories, 0g fat (POINTS® value 1*)

Mini AirHeads
1 Mini = 45 calories, 0.5g fat (POINTS® value 1*)

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun: HG’s Get-Fit Trick-or-Treat Game!

Saddled with handing out the candy? Don’t feel like you’re on house arrest! Celebrate Halloween HG-style, with our little game. It’s SO silly, but if (like us) you sometimes have to trick yourself into exercising, you might enjoy it. Invite the girls over, put on a scary movie, and play…

The Rules: Each time a trick-or-treater comes to the door dressed in a particular costume, do the corresponding exercise after you close the door. Remember, you have to finish before the doorbell rings again, so MOVE IT! If a large group shows up, limit your exercises to just 2 to 3 at a time. Passing out is NOT an option.

Ghost: 10 jumping jacks

Witch: Run in place for 30 seconds

Fairy/Butterfly/Anything with Wings:
Dance freeform for 2 minutes or ’til the doorbell rings again

Princess: Reach hands toward the ceiling, then toward toes (10 times)

Monster: “Invisible jump-rope” for 30 seconds (pretend you’re jumping rope, just without the rope)

TV/Movie Character: 10 sit-ups or crunches. Eeeeks!


  1. Hi Girly!

    Consider this your official invitation from Heather! I am looking for as many bloggers as I can find that would like to participate in a bloggy “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.” I dreamed this idea up as a way to give thanks to the Lord for His work in each of our lives by sharing our testimonies with the world wide web on Monday, November 24, 2008. That’s the Monday before Thanksgiving guys! Many of you may choose to leave that post up for the entire week and I encourage that. My prayer is that this sharing of our testimonies will not only encourage each other and give Glory to our Lord but also to those who happen upon our blogs.

    The instructions will be posted up on the dedicated blog (located at http://www.themouthbehindthemoose.blogspot.com That reads “The Mouth Behind The Moose” dot blogspot dot com) until the day of the event so you can find them there as you prepare.

    I’m excited to embark on this journey of Giving Thanks! I hope you all are too. If you want let the word out on your blog please by all means i’d appreciate any help I can get. Direct back to my place if you want. I need all the help I can get with putting the scoop out there in the blog lines that WE, THE CHILDREN OF ONE AWESOME GOD, ARE ABOUT TO TESTIFY! Whoo-hooo! If your interested in taking part sign up in my comments and i’ll remind you as we get closer to that time! Hopefully, this early notice will help us generate more to join and give us ample time to seek the Lord in prayer as to what and how He’d like us to share our stories.

    Hope to see your testimony there!

    Happy Writings,

    Heather Twitchell

    Swallowing A Moose

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