A Weighty Confession

You probably noticed that I didn’t post my weigh-in on Monday. Well, that started out as simply because I didn’t plan to go to weigh-in since my weight watchers buddy was out of town. But it turned into complete avoidance. The truth is — I ended up eating and being lazy like crazy during my time off of work. I think (according to my unreliable and ever-fluctuating scale at home)… I’ve gained between 3-5 pounds since my last weigh-in.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? How on earth could I have gained that much in a week?

Anyways — I am getting back on the wagon TODAY and I mean in full-force. And if I need any other reason than the scale as incentive to do so… check out this picture. OMG.



  1. You look awesome! I’m so excited for you! Your story keeps encouraging me to get to the gym too!! Thanks!

  2. Write off the past couple of weeks…I will be sharing the bottle of white out with ya! And you are right, start fresh TODAY!

    Woo-here is to 2009

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