1. Wildest : Slieve League, Donegal, Ireland – the highest seacliffs in Europe, and the weather and height were definitely wild

    Yeah, I know that’s probably not what you meant by wild…so moving right along…

    Funnest : This is hard. Quite probably it’s NYC

  2. Hey Crystal! It sooo enjoyed meeting you last night!

    I think we’ve managed to do things backwards — we actually met before we read each other’s blogs!

    I’m looking forward to following the development of your new book and watching God move through the power of confession and bringing things out of the dark.


    (P.S.- I told my daughter I met someone who shared her fascination with Asia… She was thrilled!!)

  3. Dang! I mean “I sooo enjoyed meeting you…” not “It soooo enjoyed meeting you…”

    Oh vey.

  4. wildest: Kenya and Uganda, quite literally. I mean, seeing giraffes just wandering around free is pretty darned wild.

    funnest: right now, probably home, with my husband as I am presently touring and everywhere BUT there as of late.

  5. I was going to say Vegas… but he comment above made me think my ‘Wildest’ had my head in the gutter. I guess Uganda if you mean wildest… BUT I have a feeling that is not what you mean. So back to vegas. Oh how I miss it! H

  6. Lory

    I was born and raised in Paris……Paris, Texas that is. And yes, we have an Eiffel Tower…complete with a red cowboy hat. It is TEXAS after all! :)

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