What’s Your Day Job?

Happy Monday (or Tuesday, if you’re Australian / Northern Irish).

Too often in my life I get trapped in the “church bubble.” Because I work in the church, I get stuck in the mindset that everyone works in the church or in some sort of ministry. But I know this isn’t true… and I’d love to know what you do. And since I haven’t had a “roll call” for a while, I thought this would be a cool way to get to know the peeps around here.

So whether you are a stay at home parent, work in ministry or work for Donald Trump, this is an all-skate post today. Even you lurkers.

What’s your day job?


  1. Good Monday Morning!! My day job is a Facility Host at Summit Leadership Foundation. I am basically the front desk person/website person/event schedule person/a lot more. It is tons of fun and I get to meet so many great people!

  2. I am blessed with the opportunity to be paid to do what I love. I am the Director of the HIV ministry for Samaritan’s Purse International Relief (best known for our shoebox gifts at Christmas). It affords me the opportunity to see the world and help people in difficult circumstances.

  3. While my most important job for now is veing a stay at home mamma, I also have 3 of the funniest jobs ever.

    1. I take care of my neighbor’s dogs. He pays me some serious cash. This is our ‘fun” money that isn’t in our budget.

    2. I babysit for a 10 yr. old boy. He’s a good kid.

    3. I write for an online magazine.

    In other words, I stay pretty busy. :)

  4. I do phone based customer service for an internet company that treats me ridiculously well. (chair massages every other week, bonuses throughout the year as well as an annual bonus, hooray!). I also am the volunteer leader for my church outreach ministry. This year we’re committed to serving the community every Sunday morning during one of our church services and it has been amazing.

  5. As a missionary I can understand the “ministry bubble”, however I’m currently on leave in the US and in grad school. I volunteer as a paramedic and website designer and lead a community ladies Bible study.

  6. Sarah

    For my day job I work as a social worker in a community court in Dallas – managing cases for mostly low-income, homeless, drug users, etc. It’s a great job, but leaves me wanting to invest more than I am allowed by my social work license. In my non-working hours I’m a volunteer youth leader at my church and am also helping to coordinate the launch of a community-based nonprofit organization that will not only practically serve the neighbors in our community through yard work, minor home repair, auto work, and other basic needs, but will facilitate the building of reciprocating interactive relationships between neighbors. I am also applying to law school. :)

  7. right now my day job is being a full-time seminary student; i will be graduating this summer with my M.Div. degree & will then start my residency as a hospital chaplain

  8. well, at least for six more days i’m a video producer / webmaster / photographer for cedarcreek church (www.cedarcreek.tv) in perrysburg, ohio.

    after that… i honestly have no idea. haha

  9. a call center representative for a non-profit publishing company. answer phones. i’m in charge of a lot of the web orders and accounts for questions there. it is amazing how some days i am treated poorly by customers in a christian company when most of the time it is lay people and pastors calling in. (currently looking at another career option).

  10. I’m currently unemployed due to a disability that I’m working hard to overcome. Through the grace of God the trial is almost over. I feel like He is preparing me for some sort of ministry, however. I’m just not certain of what sort.

  11. I’m the President of the @jclayville fan club. They don’t pay me yet, but I just know that one day they will.

    I take care of my kids for supplemental income.

  12. I’m a market research analyst for a sustainable consulting firm. I get to be geeky and look stuff up. Helping companies make smarter choices for the world/future generations. I’m also a 6th grade girls small group leader at my church and the “games girl.”

  13. my day job consists of being a homeschooling mama/staffing coordinator for a home health agency / massage therapist & planning events part time.

    :) my dream job – is yours! to go back to full time ministry. (if only it pays enough to sustain a single mama!)

  14. Michelle

    I am a full-time and part time Athletic Trainer. I would not trade either position for the world. I paid (school tuition….a LOT of it) to be an ATC and love working in the sports/medical world. I was blessed to be a mommy and love watching my little man grow and learn!

  15. Karyne

    I am a full-time student. Soon, however, I want to be a part-time student and a part-time beach bum. Then, when I graduate, I plan to be a full-time beach bum until we move.

  16. I am a behavior analyst working as a special ed teacher in a school/residential facility for kids (6-21) with developmental disabilities. I work with the oldest kids. (18 and up) I get my butt kicked on a daily basis and love every second of it. (most days)

  17. I am an actress currently on the 1st National tour of A Chorus Line…and p.s. I LOVE mondays because they are my ONE DAY OFF a week;-)

  18. Housewife, mom and community volunteer working with Teens and children in the innner city through the Baton Rouge Dream Center and I am an Orphan care advocate as well.

  19. @jenniclayville and mandy–too funny!! lol

    Right now I have 2 full time jobs–church planter–finances, volunteers, marketing, systems, family ministries, and everything else that needs to be done. I’m also a physical therapist working in schools with kids with special needs. And I’m taking classes toward becoming a pastor. Oh, yeah, I do the “single mom thing” too ;)

  20. Just for the record, Tuesday has been a great day…still a few hours to go, but all good :)

    Answering on behalf of the Aus/NornIrish contingent (Diane keeps saying she’ll set up her own reader…but like her blog, it’s not there yet…)

    Diane is a student who spends way more time making videos for church, editing our church TV program, and generally being brilliant.

    I’m COO of a pro audio visual company. I’m completely non-technical, and it’s been a big change. Jury is out on the future in this role… All of my non-income producing ventures (ministry, music, stuff) are way more edifying.

  21. I’m the Assistant Registrar for a community college here in eastern Mississippi. It’s by far not my dream job. I used to be the adminstrative & creative coordinator for my church. But a year ago the floor dropped out of the budget and my job was cut.

    So now I exist in a cubicle. *sigh*

  22. I consider myself a tentmaker right now.

    Working as an Art Studio Manager at my friend’s Faux Finishing/ Decorative Arts biz.

    I’m usually here by myself all day most the week.

  23. i’m a mom. and the continuing education coordinator at our church – that’s a volunteer position. we live in thailand and my husband works for Compassion International, i’m the tagalong spouse.

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