Never Leave Me Alone with Photobooth

So, I’ve been kinda sick this weekend. Dealing with the consequences of having eaten strawberries (if you don’t know, I am allergic to them). Anyways, I did go and get my haircut/colored since I didn’t want to cancel at the last minute. Here’s the result. I was bored with a new haircut, a cute shower curtain, photobooth and nothing better to do.


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  1. the hair looks awesome!

    funny, I went through the same thing with photobooth this week while I was alone in my hotel room–it’s a blast!

    You look fantastic;-)

  2. I’d managed to forget about the strawberry thing, so your tweets on the yoghurt were a bit random. All making WAY more sense now…

    Glad to see some pink back in your hair again too :) At least, I hope it’s there and not a trick of the light

  3. Ya, your hair looks great and I still love your shower curtain! Mine are so boring, just like my house decor! Oh wait, I decorated mine with kids!

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