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Even in midst of the hurt, pain and confusion over the loss of Jenni & Brian’s friend, Scott Resnick, we had a great Saturday together. I got to see the heart of Portland’s downtown goodness and experience Voodoo Doughnuts. After some cheap (but yummy) Sushi, Brent & Tam took me downtown again to Portland City Grill. I had such an amazing time talking with them and getting to know them outside of the internet world. If I didn’t love them before, dang… I wanna marry them now.

We had a great Sunday morning at Church! at Bethany. You can read up on all of that over at Jenni’s Worship Confessional and listen to my message, “Women Don’t Look at Porn,” over here.

Tonight (Sunday night) we’re just chillaxin’ – talking some theology and soaking in this unique kind of family that has been created.

PS. With Scott’s death and the Clayville’s fast-approaching house move, I will be extending my visit here until Sunday, May 31. To help them out and keep Jenni company. Just FYI… I would appreciate your continued prayers for Jenni and Brian… Holly and their 4 kids and everyone affected by Scott’s untimely death.

God is still good, ya’ll.

Enjoy some more pics.

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  1. you can admit you’re staying because you love my cooking :)

    seriously though… thank you for loving me and staying for me. And thank you for praying for Holly, Kiel, Reilly, Ireland and Kelton. That means a lot to me.

  2. Crystal – thanks again for your courage and willingness to speak the truth about women and porn. It was a blessing to be present, to have the opportunity to meet you, and to spark some amazing conversation between my wife and I on the drive home. Keep on keepin’ on – you’re doing a very good thing here!

  3. Hard as it is…I see you being there at this exact time as providence. God IS always good. It’s satan ‘suckfailloser’ who’s crap.

    Praying, always.

  4. Glad you’re enjoying your stay here in our great state. Been out to Multnomah Falls yet?

  5. Your message was great.. I allowed my 18 year old daughter listen to it too.

    Thank you for bringing it..

  6. So much fun to hang with you for the day. Wish I had been 100% healthy. Maybe next time!

  7. tam

    so when ya coming back???

    (word verification is…

    “goobers 1970”)

    the year i was born + goobers = not nice.

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