Happy Birthday, Sashimi!


So, one year ago this month I brought home a new baby, Sashimi. You all helped to name him and I must say, the name has fit him perfectly. Considering all he has been put through, I honestly can’t believe he’s survived a whole year in my care.

*I dropped him in the sink one time as I changed the water in his bowl. I picked him up with my hands cause I had no idea what else to do.
*I have given him water-shock at least a half dozen times (ie. the water was too cold, or I put in too many drops).
*I thought he was actually dead a time or two because he sank to the bottom of the bowl.
*I have transported him from my bathroom to my bedroom and now he’s at my office… all in search of the best place for him.
*I moved him to an entirely new bowl once because I thought the old one wasn’t cute enough.
*and I have forgotten to feed him and forgot him before traveling… more than once.

Needless to say, he’s a resilient little guy. While I may be guilty of being a bit neglectful of him at times, he’s definitely about as spoiled as fish could be. And the same can be said of my bird, “Twitter” and my dog, “Sandee.”

Seriously, I am just shy of building a freaking ark.

What pets do you have or have you had? Feel free to share any stories!


  1. They are tough little guys! I wonder if he would have survived the babies?! (I’m sure of it.) Maybe we should stash him in there one Sunday, just to add it to his “resume.” :)

    I’ve managed to sustain three three children, and one dog. (Thank goodness some of the children are now able to make their own PB&J!)

  2. We have two cats–Taliesin, who thinks he is a dog and follows my husband wherever he is in the house. He is huge and orange and striped and moody but always always always loves my husband and sits on him whenever he possibly can. Persephone is Tal’s sister and she is little and jet black and dainty and never moody though a little reserved and always rolls onto her back whenever we come into the house so she can get a good belly scratch. Our cats are truly family, which might sound crazy but it’s just a fact.

  3. We have two dogs – a chihuahua/papillion mix named Kirby (like the vacuum cuz he eats everything off the floor)and a chihuahua named Diego that we were only supposed to keep for a friend for a couple weeks that have stretched into 5 or 6 months.

    Our beloved kitty, Grace, was hit and killed in front of our house a few weeks ago and we miss her every day.

  4. Karyne

    Our dog Jack passed away this past Christmas Eve. He was almost nine years old. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him fondly.

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