I love you for the food

I’ve been away for the last week or so traveling in Portland. I thought I’d take a little bit of time and share with you what I’ve been up to!

I used chopsticks more times than I used a fork.
I tried Dim Sum and Pho for the first time. Both are yummy. No chicken feet though.
I ate an ungodly amount of Sushi. Wait, make that godly. Sushi has got to be godly.
I got to cross a state off my list when we ventured over to Washington.
LifeGroup Online met and had communion together via TokBox.
Jenni cooked up some yummy organic meals. I’ve missed her cooking.
I worked on a support-raising & future game plan for Dirty Girls Ministries.
I talked with Annie Lobert from Hookers for Jesus about a potential partnership. Cool!
I got to lead worship with Jenni at Church! at Bethany.
Watched “I Love You, Man” twice. Yes, twice. So funny.
Jenni put me in contact with a LifeCoach. God’s divine appointments rock.
Got my ankle tattoo touched up. Jenni got one touched-up and a new one.
I bought a pair of Crocs… flip-flops. So comfortable. And hello no sales tax.
Chance (Jenni’s son) had an outdoor birthday party. It rained.
I got Bubble Tea. Three times.
And I slept. A lot.

The trip was amazing. Relaxing and exactly what I was hoping for. Just slept, worked on Dirty Girls planning, discussed support-raising and spent some time with my friend. No crisis. No drama (well… minus the flight home… long story). And as you can tell, I ate a lot. But it was intentional eating. The pacific northwest has some of the best Asian food in America. I love love love Asian food and I had to have as much of it as my body could hold. And I did.

Would you travel 1800 miles for food?

Some Pictures:
communion hotjenni
dimsum cutterjenni
meandjenni pcgrill
washington chance
sushitrain oldestlivingflightattendant


    1. We completely rerouted a trip to make sure we could get to a particular restaurant before it closed for a vacation. The reroute added around, um, 1800 miles to the driving…

  1. Trips like that are good for the soul! A time to recharge and to connect with good friends is a necessity, tasty food is like icing on the cake. I'm happy to see the way God is blessing you and DGM through this!

  2. Kim C

    I would definately travel 1800 miles for food as long as good friends are involved. I am so glad you had a great trip. And sushi very very Godly. It has to be!

  3. i love you… and i'm sorry it's taken me this long to get online to read ANY blogs… but yours was the first place i stopped.



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