It’s All in the Name

Today’s post comes from the amazing Nicole Wick. This woman is a prayer warrior and an encourager like no other—definitely someone you want on your side. She is a feature blogger at and understands the pain of sexual addiction probably better than anyone I know. I am honored to have her post here today.

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Each January I join a few million other people in making New Year’s resolutions. I can’t help myself. I get sucked in by all of the New Year’s store adverts for yoga mats, hand weights, and closet organizers. Most years my resolutions have involved eating less or exercising more. And, like 95% of people in the resolution cohort, I have failed miserably at maintaining my resolve. That is, until 2009.

I made a flip comment to my husband last January that I would finally make a resolution that I could commit to. What you ask? Watch more reality TV. (Note: This is actually a true story. Please don’t unfollow me.) I was a smashing success.

Anyway, the year of reality TV aside, my New Year’s resolutions have been a bust. And I think most things are when we are relying on our self-will. I’ve hung out in tons of 12 Step circles through our years in recovery, and if I’ve learned one thing it’s this: will power will typically get you nowhere. When I make promises to myself, by myself, they have a tendency to fail even if they are well intentioned.

The first part of Isaiah 45:23 says: “I have sworn by my own name; I have spoken the truth, and will never go back on my word.” (NLT)

I love that. God swears by His own name. He promised Himself that He will not go back on His word. Who else can swear by their own name and make it count? I know I can’t. I have sworn that I would do a lot of things, and while I have actually done many of them ,I have also left a lot undone. The name Nicole is no match for the name Almighty, Yahweh, Elohim. My name is no match for the name of Jesus.

So I guess here’s the bottom line: good intentions are only good intentions, and resolutions are only words. I’m hopeful that this year will be the year that I lose 25 pounds (75 perhaps?) or use my day planner with absolute precision and consistency… we’ll see. But here is what I know for certain: the power and conviction to do it – anything – the big things or the small things, comes from one who will never go back on His word, who speaks all truth, and has the authority to swear by His own powerful name.

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