More Than Good Graphic Design

Okay, I’ve got some pretty awesome news to share with you guys!

Most of you probably don’t realize that my full-time job is in Church communications. This blog is primarily monopolized by Dirty Girls stuff. But I’ve actually been working at Westside Family Church for 6 years now… as 1 of 2 members of our communications team. I oversee all of our project management, web content, social media and various other tasks.


To me, church communications is so much more than good graphic design. It is about creatively and effectively communicating the gospel as well as the vision of the Church so that the Body has everything they need to keep the message going. Thus, going into the community and to the world!

I was recently asked by Cynthia Ware from the Center for Church Communications to be a part of a volunteer small group of creative individuals across the country to help support and promote ministry comm professionals. I am excited about this opportunity to help those who are spreading the gospel through creative means. Seriously incase you didn’t know, the CFCC is behind many great projects (the most popular being the Church Marketing Sucks blog).

The group (referred to as Regional Network Coordinators) is made up of some down right amazing, creative and passionate individuals.  I’m truly humbled and honored to be serving with all of these great people:

If you’re in church communications and I don’t know you, please leave a comment or email me. I would love to connect and see how I can help support and promote what you’re doing.

*ps. thanks to Matt Knisely for a well written blog post that I could steal from! :)


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