The End of an Era …

In June of 2009… I took a break from blogging in order to clear my head and figure out what in the heck I was supposed to be doing. I returned 2 months later with the announcement that I was would be launching Dirty Girls Ministries.

It is evident now that was the right move.
I am blown away by all that’s been happening.
And things are only just getting started.

But since returning to this space 7 months ago—I have been struggling. Maybe you’ve even noticed.

But in midst of this struggle, I’ve come to realize that I am not who I was when I first formed this blog some 6+ years ago. Particularly over the last 2 years—I’ve simply changed. My purpose, vision and passions have changed.

My calling has changed.

Yet in spite of this, I have continually tried being 2 different people. When in my heart I knew that God was asking me to choose one and move on. So I’ve come to a difficult conclusion that leaves me with a pretty big announcement:

As of today, I am closing down and transitioning completely over to a new blog at

This decision doesn’t come easy. In fact, it is really hard to let go of something that has been a part of my life for over 6 years. For nearly 1/4 of my life, if you can believe that. There’s a lot of memories wrapped up in this place. Some good (like the first time I shared about porn addiction). Some bad (like walking through the aftermath of my old pastor’s infidelity).

But I know that by being in two places at once, not just one place suffers, they both do. So, while I am bummed about the end of this particular chapter, I am also really excited about what is about to unfold and I hope that you will follow into it with me.

It’s been a blast…


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