Dirty Girls Ministries (DGM) seeks an unpaid intern to provide DGM and Executive Director Crystal Renaud with administrative support in Kansas City. Candidate should model a Christ-like lifestyle and attitude of sexual integrity that is reflective of our team. Candidate should also have an interest in administration and ministry care. CLICK FOR JOB DESCRIPTION APPLY NOW

Where Did “PinkHairedGirl” Go?

My single greatest takeaway from Echo Conference was Rhett Smith’s breakout on “Not Losing Yourself in Social Media.” About six months ago I left my old blog (PinkHairedGirl.net) behind to focus solely on Dirty Girls Ministries. But I kept “pinkhairedgirl” on Twitter because it is a name that people knew and I didn’t want to… Continue reading Where Did “PinkHairedGirl” Go?

More Than Good Graphic Design

Okay, I’ve got some pretty awesome news to share with you guys! Most of you probably don’t realize that my full-time job is in Church communications. This blog is primarily monopolized by Dirty Girls stuff. But I’ve actually been working at Westside Family Church for 6 years now… as 1 of 2 members of our communications team. I… Continue reading More Than Good Graphic Design