To Never Feel Like Her Again

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hold a book signing at a church in Nevada. A great community of people who exemplify grace to the broken and downtrodden. As I sat behind the 8-ft. folding table ladened with books, pens and brochures I found myself overcome with a feeling I haven’t felt in nearly… Continue reading To Never Feel Like Her Again

God WILL Use Your Story

I am writing this post today with an incredibly overwhelmed heart. October 1996: My porn addiction began at 10 years old. October 1999: Started attending church at Westside. July 2000: I accepted Christ at church camp… but still actively engaged in pornography and sexual addiction when I got home. November 2003. I had just revealed… Continue reading God WILL Use Your Story

See You Next Year!

I am taking a break from the blog this week to place solid focus on writing my book (I’ve been contacted by a publisher and they’ve requested a few chapters to review—*gulp*). Nothing has been promised on their end, but it is exciting nonetheless. I am hoping to nail down a few chapters and send… Continue reading See You Next Year!

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