would you like my jacket with that?

night i attended a wedding… so "enter girly emotional feelings" here.
not just because of the wedding and the love in the air – but because
of other girly emotional issues i am dealing with… but to add to the
character of the post – weddings lately have really aggravated me for
just the basic reason of "i want that and why can’t i hate it?" "where
is my content in my singleness?" or the real kicker, "why am i single
when every one around me seems to be finding some one?"


selfish and ridiculous "problems" were swiftly pushed out the way today
when the following happened while getting lunch on the way home.

we were about to leave to come home – we decided to go grab some lunch
at a "Jimmy John’s" in downtown lincoln. while we were there, a what
appeared to be a homeless man was in there basically stealing a drink
and a plain old bag of chips… it was obvious from on-lookers this
homeless man had very little intent of actually purchasing the items
but since "he already touched it" (quote from cashier) – he was
"allowed" to have the chips and the drink… yet was quickly kicked
back outside in the freezing cold because he could not pay…
apparently not worthy of a warm seat. (really
the only "loss" the business took was like 10 cents…) i hope the
world doesn’t stop spinning and world comes to an end because it…

part of my heart sank today. i so badly wanted to go up to the cashier
and say, "hey dude – calm down – i will pay for his chips and drink…
and even a sandwich if he wants it" – but before i could even do that –
the cashier shunned him and the homeless man with chips and drink in
his wind-chapped hands… was kicked out on his poor disoriented butt..
to face another day of gawkers and disgusted looks from those who have
no mercy…

i believe that – JESUS in all of this gracious and
giving spirit… would have shown mercy – even given him his OWN
lunch… the jacket off his back… and on top of that – would have sat
outside with him and just loved him…

…i wish i had done that today…

my petty problems are just that – petty – when it comes to what problems face others every day… all day…

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