Pict0023Welcome and thank you for following me to my brand new typepad. As some of you (well probably most of you since I don’t think I have a high typepad fan base) know me from xanga. Yes, I have abandoned that particular weblog system for the fancier,
smarter and actually cooler typepad. Although I do like xanga – I am really excited to see how this all plays out… just something new. It is my hope that my creativity and writings skills will be stretch and a more diverse crowd will come to visit.

Pict0007It is a standard that most of my posts will be random facts and junk about my life but at times you may see me try and be profound in an attempt at being "deep" – sometimes it works and sometimes it just well – doesn’t. My posts could also be nothing but my own photography. To put it simply – I just love to express myself in whatever way that I can – whether it is good, bad or even ugly. I think typepad is just better for that. It is more personal. Almost like having my own blog website but without having to know how to do that. haha.

Since I am an affirmation junkie I hope you forgive me for leaving xanga and visit me here from now on.

Much love!!


  1. Yes, I am trying to make the transition toward Voxtropolis, but it is hard. It is soooo much easier to read and comment on others’ sites in Xanga. You almost HAVE to post in both places…

  2. Josh

    Bandwagon jumper. Should we start calling you little Anne? Ooooooh burn.

  3. so are you going to double post in both places then? if not, i can add you to my list of subscriptions in feedblitz. otherwise, you’ll be lost forever….

    just kidding. love you!

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