shut up and just wait already…

so i was listening to the David Crowder Band today and there is a line in the song, Here is Our King
where he sings, "be quiet now and wait". in fact it seems that is a
recurring theme throughout several songs on the Collision CD.

is just something about that particular line that always grabs my heart
and doesn’t let go… wait for Him… to come and take care of the mess
of this world… to bring us back to Him… to bring us back to His
love… to bring us to His home.  as Christians we are ultimately in a
waiting room… waiting for Him to call us into to the room we were
created for in the first place. check… got it… roger that… that’s all fine and good and we’re ok with that being in God’s timing, right?

what about other parts of our lives… the other earthly things we
really want and SO desperately need? (perfect job, love, etc.) how much
complaining do we do about the timing of those things? i think we can be quite dramatic when in fact those particular things are SO VERY SMALL in the grand scheme.

is a major struggle for me as a single, young woman. there are so many
things in my life i feel like i need and want. i have such a hard time
being quiet and just waiting patiently for them. here are just a few: a
husband, true contentment in my career and emotional stability.
although i know God oversees all and has His own timing – i definitely
complain to Him and others about how unfair things are and how slow
He’s moving to get me those things.

in this world of instant gratification (getting what you want…NOW) do
any of us really know what it is to "be quiet and wait"?

how do we do it?

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