so i haven’t always been a pink-haired girl. that is what my post is about today. there is very little purpose besides my own self-therapy. through much of today i’ve just been thinking a lot in my head about my life. all of it… the fun… the messy… the bizzare… the unexplainable… the dark stuff… and the various other things that ultimately led me to this particular chapter in my life. to this life of a 21 year old, pink-haired, drama-driven, church-employed (little) girl.

it took new experiences… discomfort… changes…

yet the thing is – i don’t like change cause usually it means having to let go of comfort and in my case peace, routine, love to name just a few. through the moves. the new schools. quitting college for a real job. the people who have disappointed me. the friends who have moved away. and just simply the unexpected – i’ve been through quite a few significant changes – good and bad – that have molded me into who i am today. i wouldn’t be this girl if they hadn’t occured. and i alway seem to survive them.

so why isn’t change easier for me to embrace… ?

I_used_to_be_tall2 Crystal3_2

Crystal2_1 Crystal1_1

my various stages of change…(1993-2003)

yikes, huh?



  1. You look so amazing!!! I love the doily dress… I had one just like it… Only better! (I believe I was in the 8th grade when I wore it) You were always beautiful just like now!!

  2. It’s like you have been freed… and newfound freedom is always a little jarring. We have to learn how to be responsible, and that can be scary. Some people never find the courage, like you have…

  3. Julie

    I hope you got my vm last night. My phone was acting screwy. I wish I could go tonight, but I have to work.

  4. i was 5 in ’93! haha. can you believe the changes in just the last 4 years! amazing. rediculous, but amazing. i love you miss crystal. thank you for being so good to me!

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