i am woman, hear me purr?

Well, I can tell by all the hundreds of pleas for me to update that it is time do so. Eh-hem. Ok so none of you have asked me to update… fine. I am going to any way. Warning: long post ahead.


Disclaimer: my post reflects my personal opinions and in no way reflects my employer or any particular church or denomination.   

On the road to becoming more dangerous… God has really been working in me. I know He is always working, but I have been more open to hearing and listening to His voice. I have been rather convicted about a certain area of my life. A realization of a sort… that I am a bit of a feminist. Shocking, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an extremist or going to lead a new suffragette movement, but I definitely have had my views and opinions when it comes to the power of women and dare I say it, their power in the church.

Now, I am not a believer in women as head pastoral leadership in a church – but I do believe that women have more to offer a church body and to the service of Christ than just leading the children’s ministry. No offense to those women who feel this is their call and to them, I have the utmost respect but I know there are other women called to work elsewhere in ministry but are not accepted.

Although I feel most of my views and opinions are valid – I do know that God is telling me to respect the leadership that is put in place (male or female) and to pick my battles more carefully. God has been bringing me to scripture and situations lately that have really increased my respect and admiration for men… Christian men that is. I didn’t grow up with a religious/spiritual dad. I hadn’t seen Christian men for who they are supposed to be and the role they are supposed to play in the lives of the women God gives to them. I simply didn’t know these truths completely. I am learning more. Accepting more. Trusting more. Becoming more delicate as I find my true role as a woman. A strong and powerful… unique woman of God.

God has lifted up great Christian men to enter my life during this season of growth. To be as Godly, male influence and to pray over me as scripture describes. God has been revealing to me how delicate I am and how much I need strong spiritual leadership to surround me. To protect me – to make me a stronger woman. This is the cry of my heart. Father, use me. I want to be dangerous for You.

Here are some scripture and excerpts that God has lead me to recently:

"Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. That is the way the women of old made themselves beautiful." 1 Peter 3:3-6

"… many of the scriptures on the role of women in the church are a reflection of God’s concern for a woman’s protection and spiritual covering. We live in a dangerous world. Satan’s opposition of the Church is vicious. He bares a special hatred for Eve… God would want to ensure that a woman helping to advance His Kingdom would be offered the covering and protection of good men. Issues of headship and authority are intended for the benefit of women, not their suppression… Not to hold you back but to set you free as a woman…" Captivating, John and Stasi Eldredge 

I am truly curious about the temperature of the Christian community when it comes to this sometimes controversial topic. Men and Women… if you have a particular opinion or simply have something to add/say – please feel free to use this space to do so.  


  1. as a woman, i have too been being challenged in my humility as a christian woman. how come we so often look down upon roles that are supportive in nature. although i am not an “assistant” my role is that of support, as is anyone in a communications environment,whether a director or a secretary. god has renewed my vision for supporting anyone in authority over me as such a vital role…challenging & having so much responsibility. i don’t have to be in charge, or manage everything. i feel honored to be trusted with such a task.

  2. Hey babe. It was cool seein u and ur mom today. I didnt know if I told u I was in town for the summer or not. We’ll have to get together sometime. I love ur new pic…so glamourous. :)

  3. Some pretty upsurd situations have happened to Dan and I in the last few days with some men and women claiming Christ that we are in total disagreement with…and out of nowhere came MEN who have stepped up and prayed and fought and done the right thing. I have been blown away at God’s protection and grace. I know that there are a lot of Christian words right there…but OMGosh…it is phenomenal to realize that for my own protection, not only does the LORD use my amazing fabulous husband to protect and guide us as a family, but also those men who are familiar and strong. I love God….and really for a long time; I am accepting just being a woman and being protected without “getting involved”…Just trusting my husband and submitting is enough.

  4. Heather

    Hey…thanks so much. You look great yourself. ;) Yea we do need to catch up…we have three yrs worth. I just realized I havent talked to u in person since my sis’s grad. Way too long for us. ;) But yea maybe we can go out sometime.

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