pump, pump, pump it up!

just the other day i decided to do my quiet time outside. i laid
flat on the ground with my eyes staring up to the sky. it was
a beautiful, blue and full of fluffy, white clouds kind of sky, but what caught my
attention most of all was that the clouds were completely motionless. i had
never seen the clouds just simply NOT moving… not a bit… complete
and utter stillness.


there was something about it being motionless at the same time i was motionless that made me so aware of God’s presence… and BIGNESS… it
was the simplicity of being still … in silence … that spoke volumes
to me and showed me my current spiritual temperature.

unexpectedly i had just entered into worship.

i love when i can get pumped up about something… and this is one of those things.  my post today, was inspired by Anne Jackson and Troy Kennedy‘s recent posts about worship. I too wanted to chime in on my thoughts … but most of all… i write today out of my own desire for genuine & intimate worship – not only in our churches – but in our personal lives that is in our own personal way.

No, i am not speaking as a worship leader, but as a Christian woman. I am woman, hear me roar…. :)

semi-related to one of my previous posts: God, Spiders and Britney Spears, it is another part of my journey to becoming more dangerous for God.

Worship, to me, is so much more than music and singing to God. although that is a very important aspect of worship – worshiping God can be done in an infinite amount of ways – this is something i am learning more and more every day. i have a huge desire to help those "stuck in the box" step out and discover other ways to worship their God.

worship is any act a believer does with the intent to praise God. whether that be in stillness, silence, writing, singing, praying, serving others, etc. these can all be a form of worship.

listen up… God wants your love and praise. wouldn’t you think He’d love it more if we when we came to Him – we came intimately – using the gifts He made us passionate about?

how amazing is it that God will come when we call on Him and how
amazing is it that we can express our love for Him using the gifts that
He has given us?

p.s. i love my mom



  1. Using the gifts He made us passionate about. Yeah…I think that we forget how to do that sometimes…Or that we simply forget to be passionate about anything. Like we are lazy. That is a great post.

  2. tish hedger

    mmm..what a good post. ‘coming intimately before God with the gifts he’s given us.’ good thoughts.

    I am finishing my Batchelors in Arts and Biblical Studies. My goal is to get my Master’s in counseling. Who know what that will look like and what the timing will be. We will see! All I know today is that I’m so happy to be finished with this semester!!!!! Praise Jesus!

  3. brandon

    heck yes, i noticed. I thought i wrote you back, but maybe i didnt.
    Looks great, we have some pics, and will have some tunes soon, so i will let you know.
    Thanks so much for helping out!! You rock my socks off

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