Adventures in Texas

So my first full day in Texas with the Jacksons was much fun but now I am super tired. We jammed quite a bit into a Friday. I slept in slightly (until about 9:00) and headed out to Lake Pointe (Anne had to work this morning). I got to see where they work and play around on her iMac…. take freaky pictures, etc. It was great.




After getting a tour of the very large church we went to lunch where I met several of Anne and Chris’ co-workers. We ate at McAllister’s which is kind of like Jason’s Deli… I thought it was awesome.

After lunch we went to see X-Men… now I had never seen X-Men – in any form before so I wasn’t so sure I would enjoy it. I figured I would be lost, but Chris and Charles (a friend of theirs) explained the back-story… and the 3rd installment of the movie was quite excellent and that was much to my surprise.

mmm… hugh jackman


THEN… we went to Pocket Dinner Theatre. It is a little restaurant/theatre that Anne said she just had to take me to. They do parodies and real shows. It was quite awesome and is definitely something I wish we had in Kansas (we might, but I have never seen it). The show was $12 plus the cost of dinner. They put on Steel Magnolia’s which I LOVE. It was very well done.


Now, we are finally finished with our day and make it back to the apartment. Chris and Anne just went to bed and I am in their living room typing this little update.

Please pray for me as tomorrow (Saturday) I will be getting my tattoo. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. I will update you all on how the tattoo stuff goes tomorrow!!



  1. Um…My mom has a tattoo? We should pray for her? Haa haaaa haaaaaaaaa. Anywho, I think that you are so great, and of course I love Anne and Chris so they won’t lead you astray in your Tat adventure….yes, I spelled that correctly…I checked. Make sure they do that needle prep thing in front of you…so you know for sure that they are sterile and that you won’t end up being…… Love you so much! Have fun!

  2. i am so glad you are having fun. isn’t that guy’s name hugh jackMAN? good luck today,and i’ll be praying for you. i can’t wait to see your tat. haha! i love you miss crystal. tell the jacksons i said howdy.

  3. come on already, i wanna see it! that was what i was looking forward to when i got off work, and now i’ve come home to nothing. i lead a sad sad life.

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