Adventures in Texas: Part II

What a loooooooooooong day it was today.

Saw more, did more, walked more, spent more, ate more and a lot of things more than yesterday. Anne and I decided to make today, ‘girl day’ and we hung out all day by ourselves. We slept in – which was nice – then we left and had lunch in Fire Wheel at San Fransisco Oven… another sandwich place. It was very good and I finally remembered to order Sweet Tea… I love the south.


(with Anne at Fire Wheel)

We then drove over to Up Town which was a very laid-back shopping district… or so we thought. It was so very the top pretentious. Really there was only one store we went into that was actually interesting. It was full of Indian art and decor. Very expensive… but it was cool. I saw a lot things I would like to buy if I were rich. Of course we also went to Starbucks. The coolest part was the trolley-ride that was free.


(on the trolley)

The best part of the day happened tonight when we went to Deep Ellum. Yes, yes… this is where the tattoo happenings took place. I will be honest with you… I was stinkin’ nervous and tad bit scared. But… I made it through. The worst part was the anticipation of waiting for the first touch of the needle. I was expecting the worst which is the advice I had been given. It turned out not to hurt as badly as I thought. I was glad. There were moments and places that it hurt SUPER bad, but overall it wasn’t terrible and I will probably get another one someday…

Here’s a play by play… nervous… to the finished product!

nervous (exaggerated)


filling in

it is finished!


Tom the Tattoo Artist


"Ace in the Hole" – Tattoo Place in Deep Ellum


  1. yay for you!!! i am so excited for you and can’t wait till you get home and i can see it in person. i’m next! (but not for close to a year or so) love you

  2. Debra

    I’m proud of you for being so brave. It looks great! In fact, it’s so great that your mom will probably be jealous and beg you to take her with you next time. :)

  3. YAY!!! It’s a beautiful tat… And I told you to expect the worst, then you’re plesantly surprised! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. Woo Hoo! So I think that it looks so pretty! Way better than the pictures of what you had posted of what you wanted to get. I am proud of you for going through that…see, now driving won’t be that big of deal. hee hee. Really, it looks awesome! I want to touch it…I mean you, I mean, it…what?

  5. Los

    Sweet mama. It is really nice and clean. I like it. If your ever in So Cal I’ll take you to get another.

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