1. Los

    I like your mind
    We haven’t
    When will your hair not be pink?

  2. *Jennifer
    *you made me look at it
    *Like Anne said, you’d hurt me if I didn’t!
    *24/7 Halloween party You thought I was a chippee… New Years eve is when I remember meeting you…
    *both (mostly real life though)
    *If there’s something I don’t know, I don’t need to know it!

  3. who are you? Lori

    how did you find my blog? You posted on Anne’s

    why do you read my blog? Because I know you now and love to watch you grow and change

    how did we meet? In St. Louis

    are we “real life” or “online” friends: online

    what is something you would like me to know about me?: Would you ever go blonde?

  4. Tracy
    i don’t remember.
    because i love to know what’s up with you.
    We met at youth group when i was in junior high. we didn’t really become friends untill club121 in high school.
    real life.
    how much will you miss me when i’m gone?

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