will a quiz be sufficient?

Hey people. I have been running ragged over the last 2 weeks trying to move into the new building and getting things ready for VBS this coming week. Well, to top it all off… apparently I am allergic to our new church building. After actually working at my desk for the first 2 days this week I started getting an itchy throat, followed by a runny nose and sneezing. I am more than positive it is all due to the carpet fibers and the dust flying around out of the vents. I am highly allergic to both.

My mom (a nurse) said it eventually got so bad that I just acquired a Sinus Infection and that is why it is lasting so long. Still sniffling as I type. I have done absolutely nothing today except sleep. It has been grand.

So you don’t get bored I have made a quiz. I hope you give it a try. Just click the link below. Leave me comments because I am bona fide comment junkie.


  1. MJ

    My first post on your blog.. just so I could say “I hope you feel better soon!!” Good luck everyone on that quiz. :)

  2. You know for meeting you ONCE and just reading your blog, I think I did darn well. (I don’t blame you for fasting Tomlin. We overdosed on him here, too.) Hope you feel better! Get some good drugs!!

  3. Well…. for having talked to you all of 10 minutes when you were in TX, I feel like I did fairly well. ;-)

    BTW…. I LOVE “The Purple Cow”. I randomly found that book one day when I was walking around Border’s (bookstores are my downfall), and was intrigued.

    Soon after, I had the entire media & communications staffs reading it.

    SUCH a GREAT BOOK!! :-)

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