I just got back from my first driving experience in over 3 years… and guess what? It wasn’t terrible at all. Sure I was stinkin’, crazy nervous and uncomfortable… but folks… I actually did it. My driving school of choice was Buggin’ and Cruisin’ where the cars they have you drive are either a Volkswagen Beetle or Chrysler PT Cruiser. I drove a Beetle today and should be driving a Beetle for the 4 more driving sessions remaining.

As far as today’s drive, I was under the impression that it was going to be a session of parking lot driving… not so much though. He had me drive right away… from pulling out of my driveway… to out on Johnson Drive… down to Quivira… and back to my house. A 75-minute driving session.

It was totally unexpected that I would have to drive around real cars and real people today, but it was great to just “get out there” and face the demons that have haunted me for too long.

My instructor’s name is Jason and he is only 28 which is so much better than some old man. He was real funny and sarcastic – which I totally get energized from. He made me feel like I wasn’t crazy and encouraged me in my driving. He said, “you don’t look nervous at all besides your death-grip on the steering wheel.”

Seriously… I am still scared and nervous – I have much to relearn, but I am excited to have actually gone through with enrolling in driving school … to finally drive a car again.


  1. YAY!!! I am so proud of you! I told you you’d be fine! And I’m always right, so there you have it!! I love you!

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