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Thanks to Terri and a lady named Lisa (who I don’t even know) for leaving me comments when I was gone. I can see that my other so-called-blogging-friends don’t love me. Oh well.

I am trying super hard to stay awake long enough to update the old blog here. It is 12:30am and I am not yet caught up from camp. I just got back Friday evening and I haven’t stopped running around. I am super tired. It has been quite the marathon the weeks prior to camp and this past camp week and I feel like I a house fell on me. BUT… I have always loved camp though. This was my 7th year in a row. I refuse to grow up and will probably go to camp every year until I am told I can’t.

I had a lot of growth happen at camp. I have never been one to accept praise very well when it comes to my creative and design ability but God has used several people this summer and at camp to help me overcome my awkwardness and shyness and allow God to have the glory in me accepting the recognition.

I received quite a bit of affirmation about the camp graphics, camp tshirts and videos, etc. and I had to accept the praise even though all I wanted to do was roll my eyes.

Darren did such a great job as camp director… he is actual our director of college and youth adults, but came to camp with us because Scott is expecting a baby any minute. I loved getting to see Andy and his family. It was so fun getting to work with him so closely and he was so encouraging to me over my skills and work ethic, etc. God definitely used him to reach our students that same way God used him to reach me when I was 15 and attending camp for the first time.
Ok… I am going to bed and may not wake up until Monday. :)
Here is one of the camp videos I did when we were there. It is a bit rough since it is condensed small enough to fit on YouTube and also I only had a couple hours to put it together down at camp. But I wanted you to see some of what we did. The beginning is silent and is a live version of the graphic I made for camp. Hands dirtied by clay and mud to symbolize our being “MADE”. The man speaking in the beginning is Andy and the rest of the video is pretty easy to follow. Enjoy!


  1. Ah…I love camp. That was what I looked forward to every summer when I grew up. Did I miss the pictures of you on the high ropes course?

  2. Whenever my mom wanted me to do something, she’d guilt trip me…it never worked. :)

    I love you. :D And where were you on the ropes?

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