i love starbucks

ello friends… i am writing you today from the earth-version of heaven… STARBUCKS. i am enjoying my first of two days off. they have been dubbed my comp/recoop days from camp.

i am down on the country club plaza using the wonderful invention of wifi as my mom is down the street interviewing for a job at St. Luke’s South. she is really excited about this job possibility and is having her final interview as i type. if you read this in the next few minutes (so before 4:30pm) – lift up a prayer for her. today was her last day at her previous job and she is a bit emotional and anxious since she has yet to find a job, but i keep telling her that she didn’t have much time to look yet and to relax and let God lead it.

girls are so cute. sorry… that was a sidetrack. no i am not gay, but i am sitting in starbucks and people watching. do you ever people watch? there is a group of 4 girls that must be in their early 20s like me… sitting together in summer dresses… drinking their frappuccinos… and being fabulous. i could never be that fabulous, but i am ok with that.

oh oh… yep… 2 guys just walked up to them… “hey what’s up… how YOU doin?” style. sick. in other news… you know Chris O’Donnell… you know… Batman & Robin… yeah his look-a-like is sitting across from me.

after i finish up here, my mom and i are going to dinner on the plaza. i’ve yet to pick where though. i kind of want to suggest the melting pot, but i don’t think she likes it. we will probably end up somewhere pretty boring.

enjoy some pictures of my babies (nephews)…

p6090073.JPG p6090068.JPG jakob & jackson


  1. How you doin? I love you so much and I think that you are perfect just the way you are with or with out that summer dress. I prefer jeans.

  2. brooke

    ya you’re most def fabulous…and usually when i wear dresses my thighs cause friction with each other. i prefer jeans as well.

  3. los

    My defanition (sp) of fabulous is 7 chics in a 7eleven parking lot sitting on a curb smoking camels right after the drive in. That my dear is fabulous. not 22 year old frap drinkers in 5000 dollars credit card debt.
    I like you. Keep it real and pink

  4. THS

    Uh, how yous doing?

    Sorry, that was my brooklyn schtick. How much you want to be those girls are horribly insecure, probably say subtle spiteful remarks to each other. You know, the type swhere their “character has been harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention”..chuckle. Who’d really want to hang with them?

    I bet you’re fabulous!

  5. Happiness

    I’m back in town. Let’s go to Starbuck’s together.

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